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The Causes of Truck Accidents

Trucking companies are notorious for pushing their drivers to the limits while only barely meeting the maintenance levels required for their trucks to be on the road. A combination of exhausted drivers, poor equipment and constant pressure to do anything required to deliver a load on time all contribute to truck accidents. Whenever a driver operates a truck, he or she is representing the company that he or she drives for and that company is liable for any negligent actions that the driver takes either with or without the company’s knowledge.

Trucking Companoes Breaking Laws to Deliver Goods on Time & Under-Budget

Whether it is speeding, driving more hours in a day than is allowed by law or ignoring warnings in a construction zone, truck drivers often break the rules of the road willfully in order to save time. Many times, the companies that employ these drivers will turn their backs as they falsify their logs and cut corners to stay on the road longer— even if it requires risking the lives of other people on the road.

Inadequate Maintenance or Defective Trucking Equipment

It costs money to repair or replace equipment and trucking companies watch their bottom lines very closely— only meeting the minimum requirements to keep their drivers on the road. When a truck crash results due to faulty equipment, the same companies will try to dodge responsibility and blame the manufacturer of the part that failed on the road. If trucking companies were to perform inspections more often on their trucks, they would notice defective equipment before it became the cause of an accident that injured or claimed the life of another human being.

Cargo Management: Poorly Loaded Materials On Semi-Trucks

Every company that touches the cargo carried on a truck bares partial responsibility if the cargo is not secured properly or if it is loaded into the trailer improperly. Trailers that lack correct weight distribution can shift on the highway and cause the driver to lose control of his truck. Truck companies will want to shift the blame, but it is as much the driver’s fault for not checking his cargo as it is the fault of the warehouse or dock that loaded it when the improperly loaded trailer or flatbed causes an accident.

Rear End Trucking Accidents

Even rear-end accidents at low speeds can cause a lot of damage if a truck is involved and those in the other vehicle can sustain injuries even if the accident happened at 5 MPH. If a truck driver rear ends a car, SUV, van or even another truck, he or she is liable and so is the company that he or she represents. It is for this reason that more care must be taken even at low speeds inside of the city.

Bus and Passenger Van Collisions: Dangers To Occupants And Motorists

Vans and buses are considered to be trucks too, and bus drivers are responsible for an entirely different type of cargo— human lives. Not only must a bus driver look out for others on the road, but he or she must protect his or her passengers as well. Accidents on buses can involve collisions with other vehicles or a sudden stop that throws passengers from their seats.

Chicago Truck Accident Attorneys Who Work Hard To Protect Your Legal Rights For Injuries Sustained In Collision

If you have been involved in any kind of truck accident, you have the right to legal representation and to pursue damages comparable to the financial burden of your medical care, damage to your property, disability, pain and suffering and time that you need to take off of work. Chicago Truck Injury Lawyers are here to build your case and ensure that you are awarded every bit of compensation that you deserve. To set up a free consultation, contact us today.