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Truck Injuries

Every 16 minutes in the United States, someone is either injured or killed in a truck accident. Truck injuries can be severe even if the accident occurred at low speeds because of the torque and power that big trucks possess. Truck accidents only represent a very small portion of the number of automobile accidents that occur each year, but whenever an at fault truck driver collides with another vehicle or hits a pedestrian, he or she is liable for the cost of medical care and any other expenses that result from the incident. The truck driver is not the sole liable party, however, and the trucking company that employs him or her and other companies that may be involved in the cause of the incident must be held accountable as well.

The Financial Burden of Injuries Sustained in Truck Accidents

Many truck injuries may require intensive care, surgery and physical therapy in order to help the patient return to his or her previous health. Other injuries might change the person’s life forever if the accident causes paralysis, a traumatic brain injury or an amputation that is the result of an infected laceration. The living costs of those who are paralyzed, missing a limb or suffering from severe trauma to the brain are extremely high and the victim’s insurance may not cover the costs in their entirety.

If the accident left the person unable to work, the financial burden is only exacerbated by a lack of income and medical bills begin to pile up quickly while he or she struggles to recover. Properly estimating the financial impact of an accident is an important part of litigation because the financial damages will always be considered first before the court considers the value of pain and suffering in addition to the actual cost of healthcare, lost wages and property damage. Without a proper understanding of the costs, any settlement or reward in the form of damages may not be enough to cover a lifetime of medical bills in the event of a life changing accident.

Pain and Suffering: A Lingering Problem For Those Injured In A Semi-Truck Accident

Whenever someone suffers from an injury that requires multiple surgeries and a long regimen of physical therapy to recover from, he or she may pursue damages in the form of pain and suffering. If the injury has resulted in the loss of a limb, brain damage or any other condition that will change the way that the person lives his or her life, he or she may feel undignified as well. While monetary compensation will not reverse the damage, it can help him or her live more comfortably and with more dignity than otherwise.

Chicago Truck Accident Attorneys Who Look Out For Your Interests In The Wake Of A Serious Injury Or Fatality

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